Decision Time

Early voting begins in Florida on October 24.  This election has been difficult for me.  I find both major party candidates repulsive and do not believe any of the third party candidates bring anything meaningful to the table.

Both major party candidates have high unfavorable ratings.  It seems neither candidate is popular with the voters.

So what’s a voter to do?  Is it a matter of voting to make sure the other candidate doesn’t win?  When was the last time you voted FOR a candidate instead of AGAINST the other guy?

I think at this time, when many of us will have to take a long hot shower, complete with bleach, after filling out our ballot, we have to look past the candidate and look at the policies.  Which candidate fits most clearly with the dream you have for this country?  Which one do you think will move the USA in the direction you think it needs to go?

It may be stomach-churning, but we have to look beyond the person and vote for the plan.  Preferably with the adult beverage of your choice.



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