Every Day is New Years Day

I believe the idea that the new year is a time to make changes is trite. Why wait for an arbitrary date on a calendar? I found Sparkpeople.com in April 2008. Did I wait nine months to sign up and begin working toward a better me? Nope.

When I decided to go back to school to earn my MBA, I started in July 2010. When I graduated in May 2012, I wanted to join Toastmasters. Did I wait eight months to join? Nope. I joined the month after I graduated and am proud to say I am now President of our local club.

January 1 is a typically a time for reflection and refocusing our goals. It’s the reason the gym gets so busy (my son calls them Resolutionaries. I know many of them will drift away after about four to six weeks.) Maybe that’s why New Years resolutions don’t stick…there’s too much pressure, too much shiny newness associated with the date. But it’s just a date.

If you want to change, don’t wait. Do it now. I’ve had multiple New Years….April 2 (the day I joined Sparkpeople.com) May 6 (the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer), May 4 (the day I graduated with my MBA).

Every day is New Years Day. Every day is a new chance to improve, grow, get closer to your goals.  There’s no special significance to January 1.  It’s just one day out of 365*, no better or no worse than any of the other.  What makes a date special is what YOU do on that day.  You have the power, not the calendar.

*My DiSC profile of Conscientiousness compels me to acknowledge that some years, there are 366 New Years Days.