Skin Deep

You may have seen in the news the mugshot of the “hot felon.”  His name is Jeremy Meeks and you can Google his image…I won’t link to it here.  I am a bit dismayed as to all the hoopla.  To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “handsome is as handsome does.”

Apart from his neck tattoos and the gang teardrop by his eye, he does strike me as an attractive man.  He has well-defined cheekbones and piercing blue eyes.  He looks physically fit.


He’s thirty years old and his chosen career appears to be crime.  He is a convicted felon, an admitted gang member, and has served several years in prison for grand theft.  He’s currently in jail under a million dollar bond, arrested on charges related to felony firearm possession and resisting arrest.

Why would any intelligent woman think that’s hot?  Have we become so trivial a society that looks are all that matter?

An online friend of mine recently shared that she overheard a comment made about her weight.  The individual sneered to his friend, “If I ever get that big, shoot me.”  Handsome is as handsome does, indeed.

What they do not know about this courageous woman is that yes, she is overweight.  She also enjoys walking and Zumba, and barely two months ago lost her husband of seventeen years to cancer.  She has two teenage children, one a daughter with diabetes.  She’s had a lot on her plate.  She knows she needs to get healthy and is trying to manage that, along with juggling a grieving household, a job, and two kids in puberty.  I think the fact that she can get out of bed in the morning and share lovely memories of her husband is a testament to her strength and determination.

I’m not saying looks don’t matter.  We dress up for job interviews so we can make a good first impression.  When we go to a wedding or a party, we take more care with our appearance than if we were running out for a loaf of bread.  But to automatically assume you know someone’s character and inner strength from their outer appearance is an extremely shallow view.

Here’s hoping Jeremy Meeks can become as beautiful a person inside as he is outside.  And for my courageous friend, she’s already Miss Universe in my book.